I know you wish you could understand your son, what he's going through and how you can best guide him.... you are not alone.

Does this sound familiar? 

👑 You wish your son would open up more

👑 You feel you need to guess how he's feeling and no matter what you say he snaps back.

👑 You have no idea what he's going through, the challenges he is facing and how he is choosing to overcome them.

👑 He doesn't listen to you anymore

👑 You are concerned for his mental health and unsure how best to support him.

👑 He spends "too much time" on his phone, his computer and/or gaming.

👑You wish to support him as he steps into manhood

👑 You want to be able to have difficult conversations with him about porn, sex, consent - real conversations, so he can navigate it all with integrity.

It's not that you are a bad parent, its quite the opposite. Parenting is the hardest job in the world. We know that going in and yet the resources for parents are limited. Even more so for parenting young men! 


Believe me, I have spent my life as a son. I have been on the other side of the fence and it is my desire to share that side of the story.

The crucial element to the parent - son relationship is hearing what the son has to say.... easier said than done right! Son's aren't all that eloquent and keen to communicate for hours on end haha! 

So... you've been asking for this piece of the puzzle, you've been wanting to know whats going on inside that head of his, you've been wanting to know how you can best support him.

Well I am here with all of those answers and so much more! 

This is your cheat code for unlocking everything you wish your son would tell you and more. 

The ultimate guide to raising conscious young men.


This is your one and only chance to:

🤴Speak with me who has been there done that, experienced a great upbringing and made some notes along the way 😉

🤴Have a close and intimate coaching experience where you'll gain access to me weekly to have all of your questions answered.

🤴See behind the curtain; authentic, real and raw information about masculinity and the world men are living in.

Forging Kings is a 10 week group program on:

⚔️ Knowing the kind of man you want to raise 

⚔️ Awareness of how you see yourself in your son 

⚔️ Creating a family value plan

⚔️ Understanding your sons values

⚔️ Understanding the obstacles your son is facing and how you can help 

⚔️ How to help your son setup a routine and good habits

⚔️ Recognising the importance of backbone and heart within your son 

⚔️ Helping navigate masculinity with greater ease

⚔️ Entering the new age of technology with confidence

⚔️ Having difficult conversations with your son 

⚔️ Helping support his transition from boyhood to manhood

Course content:

Week 1

Raising Kings or raising plebs.

So you can: Get really clear with yourself and your partner about what kind of man you want to raise. Understanding this is the bedrock to parenting and will also make a lot of difficult conversations and actions easier. If you could quantify success what would it look like, not from a goal perspective but from an identity and process driven approach. 

Week 2

How do you rule? 

So you can: Take an honest assessment of yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses. Your son is an amalgamation of you and your partner. The things that he does that upset you, are found within you. How can we use this knowledge to work on ourselves to better show up as a parent?

Week 3

What does your kingdom look like? 

So you can: Create a family value plan. This puts you and your son on the same page, allowing him to be heard, and you to instill the values you wish to. 

Week 4

Understand life as a prince

So you can: parent from empathy and understanding (not to say you dont already!) However if your son is anything like the boys I mentor, myself or my friends at that age then there is potentially a communication barrier on his end. This week I will tell all that I can about living life as a young man.

Week 5

Instilling backbone & heart

So you can: Hear about the importance of these two KEY areas for every young man. This is the foundation upon which every great man has built himself and every wounded man has neglected. 

Week 6

The armour men wear, The armour our boys shouldn't

So you can: See society's role in shaping young men. Gain a greater awareness and tools to find solutions for our young men. 

Week 7

Understanding the new age 

So you can: Help support your son in a healthy routine whilst keeping him safe in what he see's as important to him. Removing shame around technology to better educate, guide and lead our young men.

Week 8

Sex, drugs & rock n roll 

So you can: Grasp the depth and severity of the current social scene. From porn to sex. From drinking to drugs... and everything in between. This week especially ask the questions you've been dying to ask. 

Week 9

Sick society = sick boys

So you can: Hear from a 27 year old who had everything life could offer, and still found himself depressed and anxious. What we can learn, what we can do and why our boys are struggling at all time highs with mental illnesses. 

Week 10

Wandering prince to purposeful king 

So you can: See the importance of a lost art in modern society. Rites of passage for boys NEEDS to be reinstated in order to create a generation of men who can lead with their hearts. 


What is the structure?

- 10 weeks long starting April 17th

- Weekly live and recorded group presentation

- Weekly live and recorded QnA

- Private Facebook group

- Access to recordings and resources for life

- Workbook

- Journal prompts for further development

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