10 Week Roos Accountability and Transformation Program

10 X 1-hour, 1 on 1 

Work with Dylan via conference calls to reach your client driven, personalized goals. The program includes a total of 10 scheduled meetings, with personalized emails weekly, reading materials provided. Each program is tailored specifically for you, with options to continue on your development with Dylan in similar capacities once you finish your first 10 week program. 

Dylan is a mentor and a guide who has been trained in holistic health coaching and is a certified Master NLP Practitioner. Helping clients reach their own health goals by devising and implementing positive, sustainable lifestyle changes and keeping you accountable to the goals you set out!

"During our sessions we will determine what goals you want to achieve and formulate attainable action plans. I will support you by providing guidance, encouragement, and holding you accountable to your word."


12 Month Level Up And Step Up Transformation Program

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

  • What would your health look like if you spent 12 months looking after yourself?

  • What would you look, feel, behave and live like if you were provided the knowledge and resources to give your body the best chance of operating at is potential?

As a certified Health Coach and NLP Master Practitioner I've noticed a pattern among business leading men when it comes to their health. They continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Being time poor, there seems to be a common theme of looking for the easy way to optimal health which often includes:

  • the "3 months to abs"

  • the quick fixes and

  • the "starvation" option

That's why I've created the "The Level Up Leader Package" - a 12 - month well-being program that focuses on implementing easy, sustainable and positive lifestyle changes that will have an immediate and long-term effect on overall well-being.

I'd like to personally help you become the best version of yourself.
I'd like to personally keep you accountable to weekly goals spanning the course of the year.

The Level Up Leader Package includes:

- Specially tailored one on one Health Coaching/Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching (Valued at $10,000 )

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For more information:

If you feel like you need more information or to chat with Dylan himself before starting one of his programs; inquire below and he will happily get in touch to discuss how he can help you best!