90 Day Roos Corporate Wellness Programs

Limited to 4 business' at one time

Build a strong relationship with Health and Performance Coach Dylan Roos as he works closely with your team. Gain access to on going coaching from Dylan as he works 1 on 1 with your employees over 90 days. As each person within your team has different needs, Dylan is able to give personalised health, fitness, mindset and mindfulness guidance. The idea that a group is going through personalised coaching programs with the same end goals enables your team to keep each-other accountable as they overcome obstacles and celebrate in their victories together. 

Given half the chance the human body will heal itself... that is if you know how to give the body 'half the chance'. Being able to understand what the body needs, in order to operate at high levels of performance is not that easy. However it does become very simple and achievable when you have a trained coach to help you along the way. 

Dylan has been trained in bio-individuality; the philosophy that no one diet & lifestyle works well for everyone and one mans poison can be another mans medicine. He is able to give personalised Health & nutrition advice and programs to help create sustained change which will in turn make for happier, healthier and more productive employees within your workforce. Being able to work with you over 90 days gives Dylan to ability to understand each client, then work WITH them in order to get the best results, whilst helping to keep them accountable along the way. 

As Dylan only has a certain number of hours within each week, these programs are subject to run 3 times a year with Dylan choosing 4 business' at any one time. This enables him to work closely with each team member, build trust and form a healthy relationship. All of this then translates into transformations. You'll find that once the program is complete the employees will have a basic understanding on what nourishes them, why a consistent exercise program is beneficial and what one looks like, as well as the mental fortitude to stay focused through the use of meditation. 

So much in today's business world is about the bottom line, we often forget the most valuable aspect of our business; our employees! They come in day in day out putting in the man hours for the business to run as smooth as possible. There is so much mis-information regarding the health and well-being field that people in all walks of life find it too hard, too confusing and too expensive to live healthy. When we sacrifice our health we not only damage our bodies but we slowly lose the ability to work at our highest potential! We feel run down, we get sick, we take a day or two off work to feel that 10% better, to then go back to work and run ourselves back into the ground, BUT we don't have to feel this way. 

Email Dylan at performance@dylanrooscoaching.com to organise a meeting to discuss your company's needs and how he can help you and your team live healthier, happier lives that translate into greater performance at work and team synergy.